Major Crimes Section

The Major Crimes Section is comprised of investigators whose primary responsibility is to provide investigative expertise to investigations that by their very nature require additional resources and/or time to thoroughly review the complaint. Members in this unit receive specialized training in a number of areas that allow them to investigate matters to the fullest opportunity available.M

Major Crimes is comprised of key areas of investigation such as:

  • Computer Crime Section – Members in this section are responsible for investigating complex computer crimes ranging from internet frauds and scams to tracing other internet complaints. 
  • Economic Crime Unit – Members in this unit concentrate on investigating offences relating to major frauds and thefts.  Offences such as internet and credit card fraud and identity theft are a part of their active files.  Frequently this unit will partner with local media to ensure that the community is aware of the types of fraud that are currently happening within our city and how not to become a victim of these scams.
  • Family Crime Unit – Members in this unit dedicate themselves to crimes involving all levels of domestic violence, sexual assault, and child abuse.  They work closely with community partners and other law enforcement agencies to ensure that all are focused on a positive resolution to the matter. Read more about the Family Crime Unit.
  • General Investigations – Members in this unit are primarily tasked with investigating property and violent crimes such as homicides, home invasions, and robberies.  In addition, they will partner with provincial agencies such as Alberta Gaming and Liquor to assist in investigations that are of mutual interest and benefit.  Where required, members in this unit will conduct investigations on offenders that have been released by way of Judicial Interm Release hearings, Parolees and high risk individuals released to the community to determine what action, if any should be put into place.
  • Integrated Child Exploitation (ICE) - This member is part of a provincial initiative that responds to complaints of child abuse and child pornography over the internet.  In partnership with other provincial agencies, this member is funded by Alberta Law Enforcement Response Teams (ALERT) to provide a coordinated approach to identifying those responsible for producing and distributing child pornography as well as helping to identify children who may have been subject to this type of abuse. 
    Polygraph Unit – This section has one member who has been trained as a polygraph operator.  This member is responsible for conducting polygraph tests on suspects involved in criminal investigations, statement analysis and interviewing persons of interest.Read more about the Polygraph Unit
  • Priority Street Crimes Unit (PSCU) –This unit investigates "priority" crimes identified by Patrol Teams / Major Crimes Staff Sergeant. The PSCU also investigates projects generated from analysis of crime trends and monitors individuals out on court ordered release conditions.  By providing increased offender accountability enforcement, the MHPS is able to proactively prevent reoffending which results in a significant, positive impact on the community.

S/Sgt Chad Holt
Major Crimes Supervisor
phone: (403) 529-8421