Exhibit / Property Control

The control and storage of all exhibits and property seized as evidence, found, or held for safekeeping is coordinated by the Exhibit/ Property Control Unit .  These items could be almost anything, including firearms, counterfeit money and drugs.

Continuity is of utmost importance in this position.  The items are placed in storage and their location is kept updated in the computer system.  This is so items can be easily located when needed for court, or to return to the owner.  Whenever an item is moved from one location to another, the system must be updated (for example, from the property room to a police member for court evidence). 

Not only do we need to track their movement, but also when the exhibit is no longer needed, we must keep track of their disposal.  This includes whether the item was Destroyed or Returned to Owner, etc.

Most items are disposed of at the City landfill.  Drugs must be burned at a local crematorium.  Bicycles and items that are in good condition are auctioned off several times a year.  Any firearms that are to be disposed of are chopped up so that they cannot be used again.  Counterfeit money is sent to the RCMP labs for analysis and disposal.

The next auction will be held in the Spring of 2017

Exhibit / Property Control
phone: 403-529-8479