Bike Index

The Medicine Hat Police Service has partnered with Bike Index and is encouraging cyclists to register their bikes.

Bike Index is a non-profit, online bike registry to prove ownership, alert the community if a bike has been stolen, search a found bicycle to identify its owner and help police return recovered bicycles to their rightful owners as soon as possible.  Similar partnerships with the Edmonton, Calgary and Lethbridge Police Services have proven to be effective.

Bike Index enables owners to create a free account and in just a few minutes their bike is registered. Owners can create an account at, including the bike’s serial number, make, model, and colour. A photo can be added as well as additional details like aftermarket parts and other distinguishing features. 

Once a bike is registered a Bike Index sticker, each with a unique code can be picked up at the MHPS or by attending Gravity Sports or CyclePath bike shops in Medicine Hat.  Bike Index stickers are made of a strong, weather-resistant material and are extremely difficult to remove. They help serve as a deterrent for potential bike thieves by showing the bike is being watched by the entire community and the owner can be identified by simply scanning the code.

Linking your Bike Index sticker to your account:

1.Place your sticker on the seat tube of your bicycle (the bar that extends from the saddle, down to the bottom bracket).
2.Scan the sticker’s QR code with your smartphone camera or QR scanner app and open the link.
3. Link your bike by searching your bike description, email address, or bike’s serial number and click ‘Link It’ when your bike is listed.

If a registered bike goes missing, the owner can log on and mark it as lost or stolen. When the bike is recovered, the code can be scanned and the owner contacted. If a bike wasn’t registered before it went missing, the owner can still create an account and mark it as stolen.

Register your bike here:

Non-Stolen Bike

Stolen Bike

In addition to registering with Bike Index, citizens are also reminded to safeguard their bikes by taking steps to help reduce the risk of theft. 

On average, each year the MHPS receives 150 reports of bikes stolen, with only 15-20 of those returned to the owner.  However the total number of recovered bikes each year is in excess of 200 which suggests thefts are under reported. The MHPS currently has a number of recovered bikes in our compound located on the east side of the annex building located across from the station at 884 2nd Street SE. Anyone whose bike has been stolen is encouraged to attend the station and take a look. If you observe your bike, call 403-529-8479 during business hours to speak to a Property Clerk. Bikes are held for a minimum of 30 days then sent to auction.

While there is no way to completely eliminate the risk of theft, police advise cyclists to always use a good lock – a U-lock is recommended. Lock your wheels and frame together, use a designated bike rack as sign poles, trees, fences, etc. are not as secure, lock bikes in well-lit, well-traveled areas, when possible do not leave a locked bike on a public street overnight and at home secure your bike – locked up if possible – in a locked garage or shed.

If your bike is stolen report it to police online here, via the MHPS mobile app, or by calling 403-529-8481 to file a police report.