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Basic Recruitment Information

Police Officers are frequently called upon to fulfill a wide variety of roles during the course of their duties. These duties range from law enforcement and criminal apprehension through traffic control, domestic arbitration and crime prevention. It is a profession that means a new way of life by serving the community in a truly meaningful role that is both challenging and rewarding.

The Medicine Hat Police Service, a great future career in excellence, service, and personal growth.

Members of the police service enjoy a wide range of employee benefits.

These include:


  • Competitive Salaries
  • Health Life and Dental Insurance Coverage
  • Sick Leave Benefits
  • Annual Vacation with Pay
  • Paid Statutory Holidays
  • Pension Plan
  • Shift Premium
  • Paid Court Attendance during Off Duty Hours
  • Uniforms and Equipment are provided

Police Opportunities

We expect a great deal from the people we select to serve the citizens of Medicine Hat as police officers. Our members must have exemplary moral character, a high degree of personal integrity, display sound judgment, intelligent decision making, maturity and common sense.

The mission statement of the Medicine Hat Police Service is “Serving and protecting our community with pride through professional and progressive policing”.  Our vision is “To optimize the safety and security of our community”.  We achieve our Mission and Vision through commitment to and demonstration of our organizational core values:

INTEGRITY - being honest and ethical

RESPECT - acknowledging, accepting and valuing ourselves and others

COURAGE - doing the right thing in the face of adversity

ACCOUNTABILITY - accepting responsibility for our actions 

The importance of having these traits cannot be stressed enough – nor can they be taught. These are the foundations of what makes a good officer.

Minimum Requirements

  • Grade 12 diploma or equivalent.
  • Canadian citizen or legal permanent resident at the time of application
  • At least 18 years of age.
  • Class 5 Driver's license (non GDL) with no more than five demerit points.
  • Meet medical/health and fitness standards. Medical requirements self-assessment
  • No unpardoned criminal convictions.
  • No criminal charges pending before the courts.
  • No criminal activity within the last three years both detected and undetected.
  • Strong credit rating.
  • One year clear of discharge date from a bankruptcy.

Please note that these requirements are a prerequisite and you must meet them to apply. Also, remember that having the minimum requirements allow you to apply, but does not necessarily mean you will be successful in our competitive hiring process.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Minimum of two years post-secondary education and/or consistent employment history.
  • Volunteer experience in the community.
  • Work experience involving a position of responsibility and trust.
  • Duties that involve significant interaction with the public.
  • Applied knowledge of computers, including but not limited to, MS Windows, Word, Outlook, etc., and basic typing skills.

Are you ready to apply?

This questionnaire is provided for you to assess your suitability for a career in policing. You know your strengths, skills and abilities better than anyone else.

  1. I meet the minimum requirements.
  2. My lifestyle is one that exhibits high moral character.
  3. I am able to work with all kinds of people in a variety of situations.
  4. I have self-confidence to be assertive when the situation demands it.
  5. In the face of uncertainty, I can make necessary decisions.
  6. I am the type of person who seeks out a challenge.
  7. I am physically fit, emotionally stable and responsible.
  8. I am prepared to work in all types of weather conditions.
  9. I have considered the impact that shift work will have on my home life.
  10. I am just as comfortable working alone as in a team environment.
  11. I demonstrate leadership qualities.
  12. I am willing to work shifts, including evenings, nights and weekends at any time of the year.
  13. I have no medical conditions that will limit my ability to do police work.
  14. I am able to use my own initiative and work with a minimum amount of supervision.
  15. My experience reflects an ongoing interest in serving my community.
  16. My moral, philosophical or religious beliefs would not prevent me from using deadly force if required.

If you think you are ready, or would like any more information about a career in policing with the Medicine Hat Police Service contact a member of the Recruitment Team at

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Recruitment Forms 

Provincial Guidelines For Police Recruit Selection 

Supplemental Vision Form (only if you've had corrective surgery)

Important Information for Applicants

Written Testing
APCAT Test Information
ACT Test Information
ACT Written Test Study Material
Physical Testing
Alberta Physical Readiness Evaluation (A-PREP) - Frequently Asked Questions
A-PREP Instructions for Applicants
Preparing for the A-PREP
Self Assess Medical Requirements
A-Prep Video

Collective Agreement

Click here  to view the Collective Agreement Between the Police Association and the City of Medicine Hat.

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Volunteer Opportunities

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