Drug Education

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  • Common names: Chronic, weed, pot, gonja, 420 (unofficial pot day), cheeba
  • Active ingredient is THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol
  • Dried bud of the plant is smoked and when ground up similar in appearance to Oregano
  • Smoked either rolled into a cigarette or glass/plastic pipe

Physical Effects

  • After smoking users calm, sleepy, labored movements and show signs of increased appetite
  • Similar physical side effects as smoking tobacco as similar chemicals produced such as tar, carbon monoxide, increased risk of cancer and heart attacks
  • Side effects include: Impaired coordination, decrease in problem solving ability and damage to both short & long term memory
  • Is mixed with other drugs such as meth, cocaine, and ecstasy

For more information go to: Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse

 Cocaine (powder)


  • Common names: powder, blow, snow, nose candy
  • White, pearly powder, strong kerosene or benzene odor
  • Powerful central nervous system stimulant which causes the release of dopamine (associated with pleasure & movement)
  • Either snorted through nose or dissolved in water and injected

Physical Effects

  • Since strong CNS stimulant users are often hyperactive, restless, have increased blood pressure and heart rates and euphoria
  • Side effects include: paranoia, twitching, hallucinations and the feeling of itchy skin
  • Overdose causes heart to stop and user dies
  • Highly addictive as it is a powerful stimulant

 Cocaine freebase


  • Common names: rock, crack
  • Solid form of powder cocaine, similar in appearance to pieces of crumbled hard cheese, beige or white in colour
  • Primarily smoked using glass pipettes stuffed with steel wool or pop cans

Physical Effects

  • Same as the powder form.

For more information on both Cocaine powder and Crack Cocaine click link to:



  • Common names: meth, crank, jib, ice,
  • White/clear, crystalline powder
  • Primarily smoked or snorted through the nose
  • Powerful central nervous system stimulant and highly addictive
  • Some ingredients include: Ephedrine, Lithium battery strips, red phosphorous, anhydrous ammonia, drain cleaner, lye

Physical Effects

  • Users experience euphoria, increased energy, attention, alertness, excessive talking, rapid speech, irritability, panic, aggression and sometimes violent behavior
  • Side effects include and not limited to: psychosis, craving, exhaustion, depression, mental confusion, insomnia, disturbed sleep

For more information click link to:

 MDMA or Methylenedioxymethamphetamine


  • Common names: Ecstasy, E, love drug, X, XTC
  • Mainly found in pill form of various color and size, commonly imprinted with a symbol (dove, Nike swoosh) to identify maker
  • Powerful psychedelic narcotic which affects Central Nervous System

Physical Effects

  • Users experience euphoria, increased feeling of intimacy, increased energy, decreased appetite, increased heart rate and blood pressure
  • Side effects include: dehydration, lockjaw, teeth grinding,

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Community Partners

Along with the Medicine Hat Police Service there are several other local government agencies that provide services to those families and individuals affected by drug addiction. 

 AADAC Alberta Alcohol and Drug Abuse Commission

  • Assists Albertans in leading healthy lifestyles and achieving freedom from the harmful effects of alcohol, other drugs, tobacco and gambling.
  • Provides services and programs in Information, Prevention and Treatment

 McMan Youth, Family and Community Services Association

  • Since 1979, McMan has been providing quality care and services to children, youth and families in communities throughout Alberta
  • Programs and services include: Foster parent training, youth programs, FASD child support, information and mentoring services

 John Howard Society

  • The Medicine Hat John Howard Society, established in 1948, is a community based agency that works with our community towards the prevention of crime and to assist those affected by crime.
  • Programs and services offered include: Criminal Justice Education Program to school aged children, Alternative Measures (restitution), Bullying Awareness and Prevention Program.

 SE Alberta Child and Family Services

  • Southeast Alberta Child and Family Services Authority (CFSA) supports families and communities enabling them to provide safe and nurturing environments for their children. We strive to break the cycles of family violence, abuse and poverty that prevent some children from becoming strong, healthy individuals.
  • Programs include: child and youth support program, foster care, family support for children with disabilities

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