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Dogs in Off-Leash Areas Report:  Presentation of the Dogs in Off-Leash Areas report and approval of criteria for the designation of off-leash areas. 

Hospital Parking Zones map

Off-Leash Parks - Best Practices and Recommendations:  The City of Medicine Hat has twenty-two off-leash areas covering approximately 1,500 hectares of land. The majority of these areas have trails that are used by the general public for a variety of recreational activities.


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Burning Bylaw Fact Sheet:  Permits are required for fire pits, outdoor fireplaces and barbecues (fire receptacles) for the purpose of cooking or obtaining warmth, provided the appliances for cooking or obtaining warmth are used on the property of the resident, or in a public area at a location approved by the authority having jurisdiction. 

Parking Offences: Parking in the City of Medicine Hat is regulated by both the City of Medicine Hat and the Traffic Safety Act of Alberta.  If you wish to appeal a parking ticket complete the Parking Ticket Appeal Form and return to the MHPS within fourteen (14) days of the date the ticket was issued.

Property Standards:  Unsightly property is a property that, in the opinion of a Bylaw Enforcement Officer, is detrimental to the surrounding area because of its unsightly condition.

Secure Loads: City of Medicine Hat Bylaws 1805 and 1556 prohibit waste from being transported in a vehicle unless it is covered and properly secured to prevent it from coming off or out of the vehicle or trailer it is being transported in.

Tobacco Reduction:  Peace officers as well as Inspectors within the Tobacco Enforcement Unit of the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission enforce Section 7.1 and 7.2 of the Tobacco Reduction Act.

Charitable Donations vs. Dumping: In January of 2013 several local charities, community members and representatives of the City of Medicine Hat came together to form a united front against illegal dumping at charitable donation sites.  The goal is to raise public awareness about acceptable donations vs dumping.  Dumping is against the law and many people are an unaware that your favorite charity is being charged to dispose of these unusable items.  The local non-profit organizations appreciate all acceptable donations and the communities continued support.

Being a Good Neighbour: Here are a few tips for maintaining safe, attractive neighbourhoods that are pleasant for everyone.

Brochures related to the Responsible Animal Ownership Bylaw:

Animal Care Brochure:  Information about the Responsible Animal Ownership Bylaw.  Be a responsible owner, know your responsibilities and obey all laws and bylaws pertaining to animal care and control.

Barking Dog Brochure:  Information about problems with barking dogs, documentation required and the Barking Dogs Complaint Questionnaire.

Nuisance Activity Brochure:  Information about the Responsible Animal Ownership Bylaw.  If you fail to be a responsible animal owner and your pet becomes involved in any of these nuisance activities, not only could you face fines, but your pet could be declared a nuisance animal.

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Dog License Application Form
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 Alarm System Bylaw   Alarm Systems Registration Form
Responsible Animal Ownership Bylaw    Cat License Application Form
 Anti-Noise Bylaw   Dog License Application Form
 Graffiti Bylaw  
 Public Safety Bylaw  
 Skateboard Bylaw  


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