Current Canine (K9) Police Service Dogs

Cst. Jason Ross and PSD Astor

Astor was born in the Czech Republic in June of 2015. Cst. Ross and PSD Astor completed training in May 2017.  Astor is trained as a General Duty dog, and will also be trained for Drug Detector work in the future.

Cst. Ross is an experienced handler working with two other Police Service Dogs from 2004-2011 and is very excited to be returning to the K9 Unit.

Cst. Roger Page and PSD Hutch

PSD Hutch was born in Germany in September of 2017. Hutch finished his basic training with Cst Roger Page in January of 2020. Hutch is certified as a general duties dog and will be looking forward to his training with drug detection. Hutch is a very social dog that loves to work.

Cst Roger Page is a 21 year police member who has served as a dog handler from 2003-2009 with PSD Brix. Cst R Page is excited to return to the K9 unit and work with his second dog, Hutch.