Request Police File

Insurance Company Information

The ordering of police collision reports, reports and data can be obtained by requesting the information via postal service . Please enclose cheque/money order payable to the Medicine Hat Police Service. There are no invoicing privileges.

Ensure the request is on your company letter head, your insured name is provided, and any other details that would help identify the police report. (such as file number, or date/time, nature of incident, etc.). Also, advise if you wish the information returned via postal service, or fax, or email attachment.

All statements require a written waiver consenting to its release by the author of the statement. Click here to view fees for services

Correspondence, questions or clarification can be forwarded to: 

Medicine Hat Police Service Police Information Manager
884 - 2nd Street S.E. 
Medicine Hat, Alberta 
T1A 8H2

phone: 403-502-8916 
fax: 403-529-8444 

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