Patrol Section

The Patrol Section of the Medicine Hat Police Service is divided into four Patrol Teams.  Each team consists of a Staff Sergeant, a Sergeant, a  K9 Officer and uniformed Constables.

Patrol teams work in partnership with the public and provide for public safety 24 hours a day by maintaining order, responding to emergencies, protecting people and property, enforcing motor vehicle and criminal laws, and promoting good community relations.  They are citizen-focused, respond to the needs of individuals and the community.

The Patrol Staff Sergeant is responsible to ensure investigative thoroughness, conduct bail hearings, monitor prisoner processing and is the highest ranking member of each Patrol Team.

The Patrol Sergeants are responsible for street level supervision, to ensure adequate and appropriate police response, officer safety and resource direction.

The Patrol Division Fleet consists of several traditionally marked and unmarked vehicles, SUVs and a prisoner transport vehicle.  Each of these are designated as patrol units, with specific vehicles designated for K9Tactical and Supervisor Support. 

During the summer months, a High Visibility Response Team (HVRT), compliments the Patrol Teams with officers riding specialized mountain bikes in areas where typical police vehicles cannot go.  The HVRT targets problem areas known for illegal drug activity, liquor offences, graffiti, and other criminal acts throughout the city, focusing on the downtown core, school yards, parks and pathways.  In addition to their regular enforcement duties HVRT members provide crowd control during large functions such as; the Spectrum Festival, Canada Day, and the Medicine Hat Exhibition and Stampede.

Using the latest technology, police officers are trained to manage information and intelligence in order to secure successful prosecutions Patrol members maintain their policing skills through their participation in ongoing training and development.

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On Duty Patrol S/Sgt
phone: (403) 529-8461

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