Walking the Beat with the MHPS: Cyberbullying

School Resource Officers in Medicine Hat have seen a significant
increase in bullying with the introduction of technology to students,
but school administrators have taken a pro-active approach to try and
curb the disturbing trend.

Video Courtesy of Shaw TV Medicine Hat

Accessible Parking

This video prepared by the City of Medicine Hat explains some issues surrounding accessible parking

Holiday Season Reminder from MHPS & AMA

The MHPS and AMA remind shoppers to lock it or lose it.

Public Accountability and Police Discipline Process

This video highlights the very complex and important topic of public accountability and
the Chief’s role in the police discipline process.  Maintaining the
confidence of the community is imperative for any police agency and must be
carefully balanced with the needs of the community, the operational needs of
the police service and the employment rights of the individual officers. Thank
you for taking a few minutes to watch the video.  Hopefully it offers some
clarity about the processes involved which can be of value as you form your
views and opinions on this subject.

Video courtesy of Shaw TV Medicine Hat

MHPS & CPPS Cadet Graduation

On August 28, 2015 19 cadets from the Medicine Hat Police Service (MHPS) and Canadian Pacific Police Service (CPPS) graduated from a 17-week recruit training program. This was the first recruit training class to be held in Medicine Hat in over 35 years. 

The training program is the first of its kind in Alberta and is the result of a collaborative partnership between the MHPS, CPPS and Lethbridge College.
The training program is unique as although a traditional classroom environment played an important role, much of the learning and assessment took place in real-life settings throughout the community. In addition, the MHPS cadets enrolled in the program were required to successfully demonstrate the knowledge and skills they acquired in training before being offered a policing position.

Each of the graduates from the program were awarded with an Academic Certificate from Lethbridge College, approved by Alberta Learning and Police Sector Council Behavioural Competencies for Constable Level 1 were integrated into every course and assessment tool.

Video Courtesy of Medicine Hat Shaw TV